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Beautiful MonstAr
22 January 1985
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He ate my heart.
He swallowed it all in one efficient gulp,
like a beautiful monstAr

This is my journal to speak of the unknown and the supernatural, as of now. my encounters with creatures, psychic abilities, and so forth... including educational topics about the supernatural of the past and a little bit of historical talk, plus whatever else relating to other-wordly/dimensional happenings & conspiracy "theories."
If I get bored then I may very well share my artwork and poetry or sci-fi short stories just because i can.
The subject matter here is all so very personal that this journal is for me and my chosen ones only.
1984, abstract psychedelic paintings, albino pythons, alien encounters, ambiton, analysis of everything, androids, angels, anti-drama queens, anti-handlbar mustache, anti-laziness, anti-suit & tie, anti-technological advancement, anti-television, astrology, beauty, being kind, being me, being psychic, being sane, blah blah bllah, blood play, change, christianity, comedy, confusing humans, conspiracy theris, creating my life, crows, demons, discordianism, discordianisn, dmt, dreamers, drunk hobos under bridges, dungeons, eris, exposing ........, extreme plots, fire, gnosis, goddess eris of chaos, good defeating evil, he ate my heart, helping the elderly, hippies, hobos with stories, hugging fairy trees, information, jiberish on shrooms, jupiter and teacups, living it up, lsd, lycanthropy, mad tea parties, meddling in knowledge, mixing nonsense with truth, mk ultra, mk ultrra, monsters, monsters in cloaks, mu$ic, my 3rd eyesight, my god, my life path, my minions, my third eye, my ufo birthmark, mysteries, mystics, open minds, power, premonitions, psychedelics for spirituality, pyramids, questioning everything, ram-headed egyptian god, rasputin, rationality and irrationality, rave parties, ravens, reading, reading banned books, revolution, revolutionary minds, rites of passage, scars and lazy eyes, scooby doo, serpants, snakes, spiral starcases, stanley kubrick, sunglasses at night, technology, the apocalypse, the astral plane, the environment, the greys, the illuminati, the occult, the reptilians, the windego, thelema, they live, tribal attire, true stories, unbelievable babble, vultures, water, witchcraft, words mean nothing, writing sci-fi stories